I grew up in Howell, MI, and fell in love with the Spartans!

They've always been my team regardless of how well they were doing, but I've always wondered why is it after a major Spartan win do students in East Lansing celebrate by burning their old couches?

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I thought we might see a few couches burning bright in East Lansing on Saturday night after the Spartans won a close game against the Michigan Wolverines 37-33. And I was right, according to this post from Lauren Demay on Twitter it only took 30 seconds after the final score for East Lansing to get lit!

Luckily for this couch, it was saved by the police just in time before it would have been set ablaze. Most of the students seemed to be unhappy the police grabbed it.

The moment from this weekend that made my jaw drop was this scene of a couple of MSU students sitting on a couch that was on fire. Take a good look at the kid in the middle because when he got up from the couch all of his friends proceeded to jump on top of him and tried to put out the fire on the back of his pants.

If this kid is going to sit on a burning couch again he might want to work on his
Stop, Drop, and Roll technique. Luckily it appears everyone escaped unharmed except for some couches.

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