A Michigan mom has shared a video of her visually impaired son getting to "see" a firefighter for the first time.

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That video has touched the hearts of many and gone viral on social media.

Visually Impaired Michigan Boy 'See's" Firefighter For The First Time

A young boy named Junie whose mom created a social media account for him called  Adventures of a June Bug shared a video of when he and his classmates to a field trip to Plant City Fire Rescue.

She posted a video of the trip with this message on the Facebook page.

Little man was able to attend a homeschool field trip at a Plant City Fire Station! He of course loved every second of it. He toured the station, heard dispatch over the speakers, explored the fire truck, and heard the sirens! His favorite part was spending time with this patient fire fighter who allowed Junie to feel all over his uniform and gear, touch whatever he wanted, hear the sounds his equipment made, and answered all of his questions! Afterwards he walked him to the fire truck as well. He hasn’t stopped talking about the sirens and how the fire fighters jump out of bed to go help the emergencies and go go go to help! This absolutely left a lasting impression on Junie and gave him his very first image of a firefighter in his mind! Most kids his age could identify a fire fighter in half a second because they see pictures, stickers, tv etc. Junie has never had this image of what a fire fighter was outside of the fire truck and sirens! Thank you so much Plant City Fire Rescue!


People On Social Media Loved The Video

Chris said: I love this!! I know a lot of firefighters including my brother. Each of them would do the exact same thing.

Shirley said: So precious. This touched my soul. And the Fire Fighter was so patient with him. It was that part of how he allowed him to feel and touch, to see what a firefighter looks like. I'm not so uptight about losing my sight now. I have seen a lot of good and bad in my 63yrs. And I think this was the good i needed to see. Glad I scrolled through Facebook and saw this.

Theresa said: Such a precious moment.

Jacqueline said: I am so happy he had the chance to do that.

Mary said: Such a beautiful act of kindness. He showed this little boy.

Crissy said: Wonderful experience for your son and for all of us to see too.

Lisa said: This is what life is about love and service. Just be kind.

WATCH: Visually Impaired Boy "See's" Firefighter For The First Time

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