Strap in for a ride that will really make your head spin. Eh? ... EH?!?

Join us for a snowy 360° drive in Grand Haven, Michigan. Take a tour down Washington Street, Harbor Drive along the beach, Grand Avenue, Lake Avenue, and 5 Mile Hill!

VisitGrandHaven via YouTube

The money shot to me is when they drive by the lake shore at about 5:30 or so in the video.

Just love watching those waves crash in.

Since I'm usually driving and focusing on not crashing this video is awesome becuase I get to enjoy the view. Not that it's a great time to for a swim in the lake, unless you're crazy, or doing a fund raiser.

Honestly, this video just makes me miss summer. I want to put on my speedo and grab my boogie board and splash around in the lake.

Kidding about the speedo, my wife would kill me.

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