We're getting closer to a time when we can actually do a traditional Easter Egg hunt, but with Easter approaching this weekend, we're not there yet. So the City of Walker has come up with a cool idea that allows kids to still sort of Easter egg hunt but with health and safety a big part of it.

So the City of Walker canceled their annual Easter Egg Hunt but announced that instead, they'd be hosting an Easter Egg-spedition. Walker park staff has hidden pictures of different colored Easter eggs around three of their city parks and are encouraging kids (and their parents) to visit the parks, looking for the different eggs. There's a form to download from the City of Walker's website so your kids can write down the different egg colors and try to win a prize.

According to the city's website, these are the three parks where you can find the easter egg pictures:

  • Alpine Estates: 1364 Three Mile Road NW, in Walker.

  • City Central Park: located behind Walker Ice and Fitness Center in the area by the pond.

  • Community Park: 700 Cummings Ave. NW, in Walker.

The Walker Easter Egg-spedition is going on until April 7th for kids 12 and under.  Kid's can find the eggs, fill out their form and return it to the KDL Walker Branch or the Walker Ice and Fitness Center to try to win a prize.

You can get your Egg-spedition entry form and get more info on the City of Walker's website here.

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