Of course you do! Right now you can win cool prizes at WFGR.COM like a Meijer Gas Card, or Tickets to ever concert we give away all year long, OR a big screen LCD TV. You have to be a Classic VIP Club member of course to win, so sign up now! But there are a special group of people who play and win contests and sweepstakes, and they are called...

"Extreme Contesters". These are the people who camp out to try and win concert tickets, or the people who have 3 phones trying to win that thousand dollars. This story from US News and World Report "Consumers Who Go to Extremes to Win Contests, Prizes" explains how the internet has made trying to win easier.

"Now, in the Internet age, people are bombarded by contests and sweepstakes while surfing the Web. "Brands are hyperactively seeking to entice consumers to become fans and followers to their social mediums, and more often than not, it comes in the form of 'Like us for a chance to win...' This has exponentially increased the number of prize-winning opportunities available to those who are willing to 'friend' or follow a brand [on Facebook]," says Sean Smith, president and co-founder of Third Street Attention Agency, an advertising agency in Chicago. Before that, he spent 20 years in radio as a DJ who gave away so many prizes he was dubbed the "Prize Doctor."

"In all cases, the chance to win a prize is now but a click away, which is a massive sea-change from the days of having to put a stamp on an envelope," says Smith.

With just a few clicks, you can find many sites like SweepstakesToday.com and LuckyContests.com offering chances to win prizes. There's even an annual sweepstakes convention, which will be held this June in Salt Lake City."

Of course on WFGR.CON, there's always great prizes to win, and your key is just a click away!


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