The latest in the "Mickey Matson" movie series, with Christopher Lloyd, Ernie Hudson and West Michigan product Derek Brandon from Middleville, is having an open casting call Friday for parts in their new upcoming film.

The movie "Mickey Matson and the Pirates' Code" will be filming in the Manistee area in September. You can try out for the film Friday at Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids. Some of the roles being cast:

"[MARTIN] 55, a strange, creepy little man with an odd way of speaking, Martin is the mad genius behind the Tesla machine, which Ironsides is hoping will destroy the world's power grid. Martin doesn't seem to care that he's virtually imprisoned on Ironsides' pirate ship, and is completely, madly obsessed with his machine...LEAD (18)

[LYNCH] 30, FEMALE, no-nonsense, tough, Lynch is one of the teachers at the Secret Order of Patriots teen training center, where she puts trainees Max, Sanchez, Vicky and Martha through their paces. Though she seems devoted to her job, in fact Lynch is a turncoat who's working for the Rogue pirate squad, whom she leads right in to the SOP's Control Room. As Lynch holds teens and senior members of the SOP captive while they rendezvous at Ironsides' ship, she makes it clear she has nothing but contempt for them...LEAD (12)

[SANCHEZ] Approximately 18, Sanchez is another recruit working with Max,Vicky and Martha at the Secret Order of Patriots training camp. Sanchez is partnered with Martha in a training mission along with Mickey and Sully, and he's a little nervous when Mickey starts thinking for himself. Sanchez is put out of commission by the Rogue pirates, and brought back to the pirate ship to fight the bad guys...6 lines, 6 scenes (13)

And others. Good luck! Here's the original trailer for the First Mickey Matson film "Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy"