Pay attention to your windshield.

A teenage girl from the Flint-area, was walking to her car, after finishing her shift at the Genesee Valley Mall. When she got inside her car she noticed a flannel shirt on her windshield. When she ran the windshield wipers she realized the shirt was tied around the wipers.

Ashley Hardacre Facebook
Ashley Hardacre Facebook

Instead of getting out of the vehicle, she looked around and noticed two cars nearby, one of which was running. She listened to her gut and drove to a safe area before rolling down the window and removing the shirt.

After the incident, she shared her story on Facebook to warn people, especially girls, to be on the lookout.

A mysterious object on a windshield could be someone's way of distracting a person, or getting them out of the car, as a potential kidnapping attempt.

With human trafficking on the rise, including in Michigan, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Yes, even on your windshield.

The girl ended up filing a report with mall security and police are currently investigating. Although police say they haven't seen a specific incident like this they encourage people to call 911 if they ever feel suspicious or uneasy in a situation.

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