UPDATE AS OF 9/13/19:
We may never know just exactly WHAT was seen or happened this past Monday morning. One man in our comment section said there was some kind of accident and a car was submerged in a swamp, but I don't know why people would get out of thier cars and record something like that. A lot of people still claim to have seen something Bigfoot related in that area. We STILL have no clue what people recorded that morning because nobody has sent us anything. Until we do get some info, we may never know, and this tale will become legend.
There seems to be some big interest about what happened this morning off US-131 near D Ave in Kalamazoo. Apparently there was some kind of large/mysterious animal which caused drivers to stop their cars and bust out their phones according to one woman who posed the question on Facebook: "About 8:30 this morning I was driving down 131 almost to the D Ave exit going north when I seen maybe a half a dozen cars and 1 semi pulled over just barely on the off-ramp and everyone was out of their cars with their phones looking at an animal that just crossed the highway. I couldn't see it myself! Has anyone heard about this and know what it was?!"

Many people are offering their opinions but Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, and a bear are the most likely candidates. Do you have video of this? Send it to us! We need to know what was roaming the highway. Passions are high considering one man in North Carolina claims to have filmed 3 Bigfeet over the weekend.

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