If you snapped a picture of the Grand Haven Pier right now it would look like it was a page ripped out of a storybook. Due to the recent weather, the pier at the city’s state park is covered in ice and snow and the result is truly *magical.*

YouTube user, Nick Damico, posted a video of his visit to the Grand Haven Pier over the weekend and part of the beauty is the calm after the storm. Other than the lake’s waves causing the ice pancakes to move back and forth, everything else is still… frozen in time. From the catwalk, to the railings, to the pier itself… everything is covered in winter white and ice.

While Mother Nature has shown her beauty, and the scene is picturesque, it’s also very dangerous. Remember, it’s ice-covered so it’s very slippery to walk across, and it gets even scarier if you veer too far off ahead. High winds and high waves make for life-threatening conditions . At some points during the video, you can’t even tell where the pier ends and where the water begins. So, if you feel tempted to venture out just to take a selfie or a picture, proceed with caution and wear proper shoes.

Check Out What Mother Nature Did to the Grand Haven Pier

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