The MLB All-Star Game was more or less over after the first inning when Justin Verlander gave up five runs to the National League squad.

While it was odd to see the Detroit Tigers’ ace struggle so much on such a big stage, most of the talk about Verlander today has focused on something else — the reigning American League MVP’s relationship with the reigning girl of everyone’s dreams, Kate Upton.

Verlander and Upton starred together in commercials promoting the video game MLB 2K12 earlier this year and apparently hit it off, because the pair was spotted hanging out and getting cozy in various Detroit-area night spots late last week. Upton was also seen over the weekend in Verlander’s suite at a Tigers’ game.

Since our work performance has been known to suffer after viewing pictures, videos or jiggly gifs of Upton, it stands to reason that dating the bombshell would be bad for your pitch location. However, Verlander diplomatically blamed over-throwing for his poor performance.

“That’s why I don’t try to throw 100 (mph) in the first inning,” Verlander said during a post-game interview that included no mention of Upton. “Usually doesn’t work out too well for me.”

Whatever the reason, Tiger fans have to be hoping Verlander’s head is right when the season resumes Friday, as Detroit sits 1.5 games out of a playoff spot. Would you dump Kate Upton if it improved your chances on getting to the World Series? Sadly, that’s a question the rest of us will never have to think about.

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