For me, when Hot'n'Now emerged on the fast food scene in Michigan in the '80s, it's beauty was in its simple menu -- burgers, fries, drinks -- nothing else.

And then came an expanded menu, and soon they were gone.

Redditor TurdSandwich42104 recently posted this photo of a Hot'n'Now menu on the r/Michigan subreddit, and it floored me. The menu was WAY too complicated. (By the way, the discussion in the forum there is fantastic!)

Creative Commons via Wikipedia
Creative Commons via Wikipedia

Chicken sandwiches? Blasphemy! Big Hots? Really? Was that even necessary? NO! Kid's Meals? Okay, maybe. But certainly not all those damn desserts.

What I remember of the Hot'n'Now glory years was their simple menu -- burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, pop, and velvety shakes. This is why I went there. There was no decisions. You got a burger and you got the hell out of there. No muss, no fuss. If you wanted choices, get thee to a Burger King.

Rest in Peace, Hot'n'Now.

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