Growing up in Michigan it was a right of passage whether you were home from school sick or had a snow day to hop in front of the TV and watch one of the greatest game shows of all time The Price Is Right

A Battle Creek native and friend of mine, Morgan Lind recently attended a taping of The Price Is Right and got the chance to COME ON DOWN to contestants row and play. I caught up with Morgan heard about her unforgettable day.

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Big Joe: Can you tell me why you're such a big fan of The Price Is Right?
Morgan Lind: I grew up watching the show! I loved watching with family and playing along with the contestants on TV. And how could you not love Bob Barker? So overall I just have fond memories as a kid rooting for the constants to win the car or win cash playing Plinko!

Big Joe: What were you thinking when you heard your name called?
Morgan Lind: I'd love to say I remember everything I was thinking and feeling, but I sorta blacked out. I just remember feeling instant shock and was overwhelmed I was actually being called to come on down! I kept saying to myself "don't fall, don't fall, don't fall" as I was running down to contestants row.

Big Joe: What game did you play? Did you win/lose?
Morgan Lind: I played the game Do The Math. I had to determine which prize was more expensive by $820 and unfortunately, I lost. I could have won a Vespa scooter, a washer and dryer, and some cash. The entire audience agreed with my choice but unfortunately, it was wrong. It was ok because I knew I was off to spin the wheel next!

Big Joe: Did your friends try to help figure out the showcase price? I often see people on TV looking to the audience for help
Morgan Lind: My friends helped me every step of the way! During the showcase, George is announcing all the prizes and details but it's hard to hear everything clearly on stage while trying to do very quick math in your head to determine your bid. My friends told me to say $36,000 but I played it a little safe by bidding just over $32,000 for my showcase. Thankfully it worked out in the end. I'm of course taking them on the trip to Miami I won as a thank you.

Big Joe: What did you win on the showcase showdown?
Morgan Lind: I still can't believe I can say I won't Showcase Showdown! I won a trip for 4 to Miami for 5 nights, $3500 cash, and a brand new Volkswagen Taos SUV!

Big Joe: How was it meeting Drew Carey?
Morgan Lind: Meeting Drew Carey was awesome! I also grew up watching his show and Who's Line Is It Anyway so it was so cool getting to meet him in person. He was funny and kind and made the whole show a joy to be a part of. However, due to Covid safety protocols, meeting Drew was brief and we had to keep our distance. The whole cast and crew down to the CBS pages were wonderful and made the process exciting from start to finish. An experience I'll never forget.

Big Joe: Anything else you want to say about your experience on the show?
Morgan Lind: There are tons of things to say about the show but honestly I think the big stuff is covered haha. The only other thing is how much fun all the contestants had together. Even though we were somewhat competing against each other, we all wanted the others to win too. Everyone cheered each other on and helped with pricing games.

Watch Morgan's Episode Here 

A Battle Creek Native Wins Big On The Price Is Right

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