The hype over the so-called 'murder hornets' this week may be tempered by the fact that they are terrible fighters. (spoiler alert)

As if dealing with the coronavirus wasn't enough, this week we heard news of the 'murder hornets' that had been discovered living in Washington state.

But the fact is, 'murder hornets' have been around for awhile. They are simply Giant Asian Hornets, and although they are tow inches long and their sting is painful, they are terrible cage fighters.

In honor of the return of the UFC this weekend, I present to you a death cage match between what appears to be evenly matched insects.

In one corner, the dreaded 'murder hornet'! In the other, a pedestrian, run of the mill preying mantis. Gentlemen, please abide the rules and fight cleanly. GO!

Holy crap! The mantis ate the hornets face off! I haven't seen that since Nicholas Cage squared off against John Travolta! Murder hornets cannot fight.

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