Emotions have been running high in Grand Rapids following the shooting death of a citizen back on April 4. Last night's City Commission meeting was no exception.

Emotions Boiled Over At Weekly Commission Meeting

The weekly Tuesday meeting of the Grand Rapids City Commission was interrupted by protesters angry over the Commission and the Grand Rapids Police Department's handling of the Patrick Lyoya shooting on April 4, which resulted in Lyoya's death.

Earlier this week, Police Commissioner Eric Winstrom's released the name of the officer who was involved in the shooting as Christopher Schurr. That came after protesters demanded his name during a march on the Police Department earlier this month following the release of video of the incident.

Last night's protest seemed to be fired by the lack of any charges brought about in the wake of the shooting, with several protesters shouting directly into the face of Winstorm, who responded by trying to communicate that the investigation is out of his hands and in the hands of the State Police.

Police Were Called Into The Chambers

At one point, Grand Rapids police officers entered the chambers in an attempt to keep order, but that only incensed the protesters more, and the shouting continued.

At some point, the meeting was officially suspended and the Commission members left the chambers while the protesters stayed on until late in the evening.

The Chambers were cleared of people shortly after 11:00pm.

The Right To Vent Frustrations

In an interview following the meeting with FOX 17's Marisa Oberle, Winstorm said he understands the frustrations of citizens, and that it became clear to him that people just wanted to vent.

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