A Grand Rapids resident caught a squirrel noshing on KitKat bar on his front porch. The squirrel was NOT happy about it.

Squirrel Diets Sure Have Changed

Let me start this article by telling you of the immense, fat squirrels who live in my backyard. They got that way by eating a poor diet, because they dine out of the dumpster at the Burger King restaurant in my neighborhood.

Squirrels aren't supposed to be obese. They exercise everyday by running around gathering nuts. Or at least that's the way it should be.

Not these squirrels, they are fat and get winded really easily. It's kind of sad. They also fight a lot over the scraps of chicken tenders and hamburger buns they drag into my yard.

The BK Squirrels Are Not Alone

Now, another Grand Rapids resident has caught a squirrel eating human crap food. In a video posted to the Grand Rapids subreddit Sunday, a Redditor who goes by PabloDelicious caught a bushy tailed brown squirrel noshing on a KitKat bar on his front porch, apparently unaware that squirrels shouldn't be eating candy.

Needless To Say, The Commenters Were Enjoying The Candy Loving Squirrel

The appropriately named RabidDiabetes posted:

I can see it in his eyes. Packing in all the carbs he can find thinking "not supposed to be this damn cold."

forgotten-ahroun added this observation:

Now I know why my dogs want to kill squirrels on sight

Most commenters were not only happy for the squirrel, but enjoying the joy it gave them:

This was the cutest thing I saw today. Thank you.


This is the best thing today

That, of course, came after all the low hanging fruit comments that referenced 'breaking off a piece' of that KitKat bar.


Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeders are THE BEST


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