Lucy the Labradoodle had an interesting adventure this week that she would probably like to soon forget.

Lucy had just been adopted

It can't be a fun feeling when one moment you're playing with your new owners, and the next you're floating down the Detroit River in an ice floe, cold and wet, and wondering just what went wrong.

That's where Lucy found herself on Monday, but thankfully the Water Rescue team from the Wyandotte Fire Department where nearby, and were able to save the day, and Lucy.

Several people witnessed the dog on the ice floe, and called 911, and Wyandotte Police were quickly on the scene.

The rescue plan takes shape from the shore

The dog was about 50 feet from the banks of the river, and the first responders, a couple of Wyandotte Police officers at first considered going in to the frigid waters themselves, before handing off to the Fire Rescue officers, who quickly formulated a plan.

The Water Rescue team, donned in their waterproof dry suits were able to nudge the ice floe close enough to the shore, where they could get close enough to Lucy to slip a lasso around her neck and reel her in.

Lucy, for her part, stayed calm through the whole ordeal, which was captured on video and posted to the Wyandotte Animal Shelter Facebook page on Tuesday.

Water Rescue of pets is more common than you think

Wyandotte Assistant Fire Chief Tom Lyon said unfortunately they have to rescue two or three dogs off the ice every year, but this one was a little more challenging.

"It had such a happy outcome," Lyon told the Detroit Free Press. "She just had those big brown eyes, and she couldn't talk, but she probably was just so grateful."

Maybe she just needed a kayak.

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