Things got cheeky during a virtual bond motion hearing in Michigan.

Yelling Insults At Children And Then Mooning The Judge Is Not A Good Look

Hassan Chokr was in appearing virtually in Oakland County Court near Detroit on a charge of resisting arrest. He had hurled anti-Semitic rhetoric and threats at a DAYCARE!! Yeah, he was yelling hate at pre-school kids.

During a ZOOM hearing to determine his bond this week, things got weirder, and Chokr got himself even deeper into trouble.

During the proceedings, images appear to show that he pulled down his pants and shot Judge Regina Thomas the moon.

Needless To Say, Our Man Was Denied Bail


The bare butt incident just piles onto so many other allegations that instead of being out on bail, Chokr is now still behind bars. The judge's observation that Chokr may be more than a bit mentally ill is now looking pretty darn astute.

The web site Law And Crime said that Chokr was trying to exercise his right to Free Speech, which the Judge was NOT buying:

Chokr’s attorney, Duane Johnson, reportedly claimed that his client was “expressing his First Amendment rights and freedoms of speech” during the synagogue incident.

“If we’re doing things that are unsafe … we are infringing on other people’s rights,” Thomas reportedly said in response.

“We don’t get to say and do whatever we want to say without the consequences of those actions. And so that’s where your client finds himself today. He exercised his rights, I’m exercising my right to give him a consequence for that. Nothing that any of us do in this life is without consequence.”


Here is Judge Regina Thomas reacting to Hassan Chokr showing her his backside.

Reportedly, Chokr “became frustrated” during the hearing, started “yelling and pointing at the camera,” and apparently thought showing his ass to a judge was the most effective way to accentuate his point…allegedly.

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