Always a good reminder to be careful when on Craigslist, but WWMT is reporting the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department is warning everyone about a possible scam on Craigslist.

Here’s how the scam works: You post something to Craigslist, the scammer then reaches out and offers to buy whatever it is you’re selling, EXCEPT they send you a check (usually from another person) which is WAY more than what you’re trying to sell the item for.  They then say “hey can you cash this, take what you need and then wire the money to another place?”  - STOP, it’s a scam!

Which at this point, aren’t most of us aware that this is NOT how life works?  Someone you never met, is sending you a check worth MORE than what you’re asking and having blind faith that you’ll send the extra hundreds of dollars out to someone else... that’s pretty trusting in a world that won’t even let kids run around the neighborhood without a parent following along.  Anyway, I digress….

If you are selling stuff on Craigslist or Facebook, talk to the buyer on the phone and ALWAYS have your bank look at the check (they can quickly make sure there are funds in the account the check is written on) to make sure everything checks out.   And of course, if you feel you’re being scammed, call the police.

source: WWMT

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