A Detroit school bus driver has been suspended as authorities look into a fight she got into with an elementary student.

The Altercation Was Caught On Video, Leading To Driver's Suspension

A Detroit Public School System bus driver is on suspension following an altercation with a 7th grader on a school bus Tuesday morning.

Part of the brawl was caught by another student on video and posted to the internet, leading to the bus driver's leave of absence pending further investigation.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, the 12 year old's family claims she was waving good bye to her brother on the bus headed to Carver Academy, when the bus driver told her to "sit her a** down!"

When the student refuse, the altercation took place.

The bus driver said the student was told to sit down several times, and hit her first, setting off the response that was recorded by the other students.

The Official Statement From The School District Says The Police Are Involved

The Detroit Public Schools released a statement on the incident:

"A fight occurred (Tuesday)  on a contracted Trinity bus involving a student and the driver. The driver was removed from DPSCD service and may face termination through the bus contractor, Trinity. The incident is also under police investigation by the DPSCD Police Department."

Trinity is the name of the company that the district hires to transport its students.

The students family has retained an attorney, Lillian Diallo, who says the student was bitten by the driver in the fight, and that the student, who was not identified because she is a minor, denies initiating the fight.

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