This is a good reminder to ALWAYS lock your car and NEVER leave the car running when you're at the gas station.

Surveillance video from a BP Gas Station in Allen Park shows a woman filling up her tank last Thursday, 10/12, when all of a sudden a man casually walks up to the gas station and slyly opens her car door and gets in.

Once the woman noticed, she jumped into the passenger side as he drives off and the two struggle for control of the wheel. Eventually the car stops and a truck driver pulls the suspect out of the car and briefly wrestles the guy who then escapes on foot.

The Allen Park Police Department shared the video on Facebook asking for the public's help in finding the man. Thankfully, the carjacker was caught and arrested on Friday, according to the APPD.

The calls and Facebook tips played a huge role in the apprehension of the suspect. Without the publics assistance the suspect would not have been apprehended so quickly."

The 37-year-old man was charged with a felony carjacking and charged as a habitual third offender.

The victim, Haley Lorenzen, spoke with WXYZ Detroit on Monday and said that when she jumped in the car she did what she can to fight off the suspect.

I grabbed his face and I tried to do anything I could -- like gouge his eyes out, I scratched his face, I smashed his head against the window and I just fought. That’s all I did."

They also spoke with the truck driver, who Lorenzen calls a hero. You can watch the Facebook live interview here

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