The last supermoon of the year will bring in the vernal equinox, or as we call it 'spring', but is it a Full Worm Moon, or a Sugar Moon? Make up your darn mind!!

When I was a kid, I never was much into astronomy, and most of the time, the full moon every month was just the full moon. But we live now in an age of hyper-information, so that means ordinary stuff like snow storms and full moons have names.

The only problem is, this month, it appears we're undecided on what to call the first full moon of the spring.

Emotionally, I was all in on the 'Full Worm Supermoon' as it initially was declared late last week. As much as I hate worms, I guess worms would start making their way to the surface now that the ground is thawing, so it makes sense.

But this morning I saw some people referring to as the 'Sugar Moon', which threw me for a loop. I'd much rather have some sugar than some worms, but one article calling it the sugar moon quoted the Old Farmer's Almanac, which calls it a worm moon, so now I'm totally confused.

The Sugar Moon name comes from the maple sugaring season which kicks off when the sap starts running in the maple trees about now. Pancakes anyone?!

And Sugar Moon does have a song named after it, so there's that.

According to MLive, the moon can also be called the Crust Moon (for maple pie??) or the Sap Moon, further muddying up the waters.

Screw it! Let's just call it the full moon and let it go, like we did back when I was a kid.



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