If you turned away from your TVs at all on Sunday, you'd have noticed something weird in the sky.  There was an extremely bright ball of burning gas.  But don't worry, after much investigation we have come to the conclusion that it was just the sun.

Sunday and Monday were relatively sunny compared to what we usually get this time of year, and Wood TV 8's Bill Steffen took notice.  Bill writes a weather related blog for Wood TV 8 and his entry yesterday showed that parts of West Michigan actually received more sun on Sunday than the dates of January 9th through February 1st.

Bill broke down the percentages of sunshine on each of the days and talks a bit about the higher than average temperatures, including the record breaking high temperatures of 50 degrees on Sunday for Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

But, if you were enjoying the sun and high temperatures, we have some bad news for you.  Temperatures in West Michigan are supposed to drop throughout the remainder of the week and we are expected to see some snow accumulation Wednesday night in to Thursday.

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