A failure at Consumer's Power's Wealty Street substation is the culprit for the power outage the left much of the heart of downtown Grand Rapids without electricity for a good part of the morning leaving The GRPD, the JW Marriot, Amway's Plaza as well as our radio stations in the 50 Monroe building on generators.

Unfortunately, the back-up generator for our building (no fault of our stations), had some technical difficulties.  (the generator died & the back-up, back-up of battery power only lasts so long).

After several unanswered calls from media outlets,  Consumers Powers mentioned the substation and that over 700 businesses were effected.

Me... I'm still a little effected.  No A/C in parts of the building.  It's strange walking into and out of air conditioned rooms & hot, steamy, muggy and down right miserable rooms.