Easily the biggest weekend in Grand Rapids and West Michigan--event wise--so far this year is THIS one! 5th 3rd River Bank Run, Tulip Time wrapping up in Holland and The Lip Dub Sunday Downtown...add in the Gus Macker basketball tourney and the Wicked Diva's, and this is going to big one!

The fine folks at The Press/Mlive.com have the full weekend forecast spelled out in detail for the events...

Here's what to expect, forecasters say:

Saturday: High temperatures may struggle to reach 60 and could end up falling into the 50s as the rain moves in from the south.

Saturday Grand Rapids race conditions: Temperatures 55 to 60, winds 10 to 15 mph, and showers, varying from light to heavy, that move in around daybreak (6 to 7 a.m.) and stay for much of all of the race, according to Nathan Jeruzal of the Grand Rapids National Weather Service office.

Saturday Tulip Time parade conditions Upper 50s, with showers continuing.

Sunday: Lip Dub Forecast: Temperatures and are likely to stay in the 50s Sunday with steady rain at times and a blustery northeast wind.