From eight straight days of below average temps to a summer-like weekend, Michigan continues its Jeckyl and Hyde autumn weather.

The Weekend Will Bring Us Sunshine And Warmer Temps

While this weekend's warmth probably won't be record breaking, it will give you one last shot at getting in some kayaking, biking or hiking activities before the winds of November shuts that stuff down.

It's been a rough week, weather wise. Check out these stats:

==> 8 straight days of below normal temperatures, and our coldest day for 2022 since early April.

==> 9 consecutive days of measurable rainfall.

==> 4 straight days of high waves on Lake Michigan, high wind warnings, and scattered power outages throughout West Michigan.

But that's all about to end. The National Weather Service says calm winds, sunshine and beautiful autumn weather are on the way for this weekend.

A Fall Warm Up Is Traditionally Known As 'Indian Summer' So Is That What This Is?

That depends on where you are in the state.

The Farmers Almanac defines 'Indian Summer' as a warm spell following the first hard frost of the season.

Jon Tyson via Unsplash
Jon Tyson via Unsplash


Most of West Michigan has yet to experience a hard frost, so we don't qualify, but the warm up will be statewide, and certainly parts of Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula have experienced a hard frost, not to mention over a foot of snow in some spots, so they most definitely qualify.

Damian Markutt via Unsplash
Damian Markutt via Unsplash

With some fall colors hanging on to local trees, this may be the perfect weekend to take a nice drive to soak it all before the gales of November come early and start sinking ships.

The early forecasts say the warmth will hang around until at least the middle or end of next week, so enjoy it!!

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