Serving 400 to 500 individuals daily, Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community.

Its mission is "to reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by building relationships and offering programs that offer dignity and respect".

Dégagé Ministries offers a helping hand to the homeless in Grand Rapids through programs as simple as feeding the hungry, to those dealing with complex issues like sheltering women in crisis.

At Dégagé, we firmly believe, and have proven through our programs since 1967, that there is a significant difference in a person's likelihood of success if they have someone to walk alongside them during a crisis or through a transition. This happens in many ways at Dégagé such as providing a needed service, greeting a patron by name, or holding someone accountable. Without the critical programs at Dégagé, many men and women would not know where to turn, what steps to take next or how to find the motivation to take those steps. We believe that just because a person is in poverty does not mean they need to lose their dignity or hope. Therefore, we strive to only do for others what they can not do for themselves by limiting one way giving, empowering instead of enabling and giving voice to those we serve.


There are many ways you can help out Dégagé Ministries, whether through contributing to their general fund, buying something off their wish list, or volunteering your time.

See the huge difference Dégagé makes in the lives of people in Grand Rapids daily by visiting their web site, or arranging to tour their facilities.

Watch the difference Dégagé m made in the life of Shay.