When shopping this Christmas season, why not help a great cause at the same time?

Our Wee Difference charity for the month of December is WAR Chest Boutiques.

When you shop at either of the two WAR Chest Boutiques in Grand Rapids, you help their parent organization, Women At Risk International, which addresses several risk issues, including, but not limited to, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

WAR Chest Boutique has two locations in metro Grand Rapids, 2790 44th Strett in Wyoming and 25 Squires St. Square NE in Rockford.

On their web site, WAR Chest Boutique describes their mission as two-fold:

1. To market and sell the women’s work, empowering them to make a living with dignity and to expand the programs they’re in to help more at risk women.

2. To educate our shoppers about the risks facing women around the world and invite them to make a difference by shopping with a purpose and sharing the stories of the women who made their pieces.

You can take a look at their product line, and even purchase items online as well in either of the local boutiques.

You can also help their cause by getting involved by volunteering or donating directly. 

Follow them on Instagram @iwearchange.