The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM) is a non-profit organization that not only tries to increase public awareness of Down Syndrome, but also works to advocate for people who have Down Syndrome and helps them throughout their adult lives.  

DSAWM is an all-encompassing resource for not only parents of children with Down Syndrome, but also adults with Down's seeking employment opportunities or assistance.

DSAWM offers resources and programs such as the iCan Shine bike camp, which helps children learn to ride a bicycle to art and activity programs for the busy teenager.

Their big events for October includes the 3-21 Harvest Run at Pigeon Creek Park in on Saturday October 3. The event offers both a 5 and a 2.5 mile run, as well as a one mile fun run and walk. The event also showcases the DSAWM's Rapid Runners, who bust stereotypes about what people with DS can achieve.

Also in October is the Step For Down Syndrome Walk and Celebration at Millennium Park on October 10. Don't forget to wear your Pirate gear!

For more information, visit the DSAWM web page, and help them out by either volunteering your time or by donating to one of their many events.