This story reminded me so much of my mom growing up.

MLive has a story from Northern Michigan, Presque Isle County, where DNR officers got a call about a suspicious vehicle following two kids as they walked down a road.

When the officer responding, got to the kids, what he found was the opposite of suspicious, according to MLive.  It seems the two kids walking, were doing so because they got kicked off the bus, and dad said if you keep acting up and getting kicked off the bus you’ll find out what walking home is like.  So that’s what was happening, they were finding out why they wanted to be nicer on the bus. And the vehicle following was a caring parent teaching a lesson.

That’s far better than the time my mom kicked me out of the car because I said she was a bad driver.  So two miles from home (which we lived out in the county, so very rural) she kicked me out of the car and made me walk home, so I’d appreciate her driving.  I guess it worked, I no longer comment on her driving AND now any time we go anywhere, I offer to drive or take my car, so she can’t kick me out again. Lol

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