Yes! In the Celeb Grill Challenge at the Knapps Corner D&W, the Townsquare Media Team of WFGR...Cluck, and 100.5 The River took....3rd Place! Now you maybe be wondering...why do we care about 3rd place? Well the 2 teams ahead of us--WOOD TV 8 and WZZM TV 13--both had "celebrity" chefs...And the 3 radio group had no such "chefs"...and of the 3 WE finished at the top! So only behind the TV Stations! Winning!

Our "winning" entry was a Hot Steak Salad, with mustard/bbq/worchester/PEANUT BUTTER salad dressing, with Mango and Cous-Cous. The peanut butter? We had to use every item we were given...and PB was one! And no...Clcuk was not an item...:)

Here's all the pics from the fun...

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