More awards keep piling up for the national acclaimed "5th 3rd Burger" from 5th 3rd Ballpark and the Whitecaps. The burger, which has been lauded on this blog and all over TV in the past has hit a new lever of awesomeness! Adam Richman and Sportscenter move comes

Recently the website listed it's "10 Burgers to Die For (Literally)"
Sure they listed burgers by Hardee's, Jack in the Box and other places we don't have in West Michigan. But, number three on the list? The 4 pound 5th 3rd burger! The website has this to say.

"The Fifth Third Burger, a concoction of the West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team (yes, the same team that gave America the idea for fried Twinkies and fried Pepsi) at Fifth Third Ballpark, is one enormous, loaded whopper. Featured on programs like Sports Center and The Today Show, the Fifth Third Burger sports an eight-inch sesame seed bun, five 1/3lb beef patties, an entire cup of chili, five slices of cheese, liberal doses of nacho cheese, Fritos, gobs of salsa, lettuce and, well, everything else but the kitchen sink.

The final product? A 4lb burger worthy of a staggering 4,800 calories (the most unhealthy food ever sold in a ballpark, according to the team’s management), 744mg’s of heart attack-artillery cholesterol, and a diet-nuking 300 grams of fat."

The only burgers ahead of the Caps claim to fame? a 100 pound job from Pennsylvania and one from the Heart Attack Grill in Denver! Way to go West Michigan!

Here's the 5th 3rd in it's glory days on The Bob and Tom Show


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