We live in a prosperous country where pretty much everything we truly need is not that far away. At the very least, we never worry about it. But, should we be worrying?

Well, here's a rundown of some things that we actually might be running out of according to Cracked.com:

* Helium -- It's a big deal because the high-tech industry uses the stuff to build everything from MRI magnets to fiber optics and LCD screens. Right now we can only count on a 25-year supply.

* Chocolate -- Industry experts say the price of cocoa beans are on the rise in big way and that it could become an expensive luxury, like caviar, in the next 20 years.

* Tequila -- Farmers have been growing fewer and fewer of the blue agave cactus, which is the plant that gives us tequila. Production is down 35 percent in recent years.

* Water -- Small numbers of rich men are buying up the rights to wells of water, as if they were buying up oil wells. They know it's scarce and they also know demand for it is only going to get stronger.

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