Summertime also means festival season and let's not pretend like we don't know more than music goes on at these festivals. surveyed 1,050 people who've attended at least one festival in their life and asked about their willingness to hook up with another festival-goer. Cuz nothing says romance like a sweaty, un-showered, mind-altering makeout session.

The survey found that 50% of people are open to a weekend fling while 33% have actually gone all the way with someone at a festival; believe it or not, the majority of the nasty goes down in West Michigan at none other than Electric Forest. Speaking of going down, Electric Forest is also really popular for that too, making it the most promiscuous festival in the U.S.

Compared to nine other festivals around the country, 30.2% of sex happens at the forest which is held in Rothbury.

Courtesy of TickPick
Courtesy of TickPick

Tickpick says the main reason that Electric Forest topped the list someone else because of the on-site camping and the fact that it's actually in a forest, making it more private (no pun intended).  In fact, tents are the number one place (58%) people prefer to have their hook-ups followed by a car (48%). While a disgusting 9% do the dirty deed in a port-a-potty.

The survey also found preferred positions and real-life stories which you can check out here because at this point it's just a getting a little awkward to keep talking about ;)

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