Keep an eye on your belongings when you're out shopping! West Michigan police are warning about a string of purse snatchings across the area recently.

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In a joint release from the Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming Police Departments, along with the Kent County Sheriff's Office, they say that the thefts have occurred at large retail establishments. This has me thinking spots like Woodland Mall, the Shops at CenterPoint, Meijer, Target, or other strip malls.

According to police, the suspects are targeting females who are alone in parking lots, usually over the age of 50, and have their purse in a shopping cart. When the victim isn't paying attention, the suspects grab the purse and run. In one case, a woman was holding her purse and the suspects pulled it from her. She attempted to chase them and ended up falling and getting injured.

This makes me angry. If my mom was out shopping and this happened to her, I would  be livid. I often leave my purse in the front part of the cart just because it's convenient -- but I know I should NOT be doing that.

Here's when and where the purse snatchings occurred:

  • 6/13/21, 4:40p.m., Wyoming
  • 6/14/21, 12:10p.m., Kentwood
  • 6/21/21, 12:10p.m., Kent County
  • 6/21/21, 3:45p.m., Kent County
  • 6/21/21, 12:27p.m., Grand Rapids
  • 6/22/21, 6:00p.m., Wyoming
  • 6/23/21, 1:10p.m., Grand Rapids
  • 6/28/21, 2:35p.m., Kent County
  • 6/28/21, 4:30p.m., Kent County

Police shared a surveillance picture of the suspects and the vehicle in which they were seen fleeing the scene.

Kent County Sheriff's Office
Kent County Sheriff's Office
Kent County Sheriff's Office
Kent County Sheriff's Office

Anyone with information can contact any of the involved police departments, the Kent County Sheriff's Office at 616-632-6125 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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