A West Michigan teenager has literally beaten cancer.

Fox 17 reports that Helen DeVos Children's Hospital held a special ceremony in which 17-year-old Henry Dai smashed a 3D replica of his tumor with a sledge hammer.

Henry was diagnosed with lymphoma in August and since then has undergone extensive chemotherapy, which ultimately shrunk and eliminated the tumor in his chest.

When Henry was officially declared to be in remission, doctors asked him if he wanted to destroy a replica of the tumor. A team of Spectrum Health engineer designed it and had it 3D printed.

Doctors, nurses, family and friends gathered to celebrate the moment with Henry who said,

"I think it's just great that I get this experience this feeling that I really beat cancer, but literally as well."

He says he hopes his experience will inspire others who are going through similar situations.

A second replica of Henry's tumor was also made and he asked all the medical staff involved in his journey to sign it.

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