2020 was the first year for recreational marijuana in Michigan, and those that jumped on the band wagon early got paid. 

Figures released this week for the fiscal year 2020 by the Michigan Treasury showed payouts going to 38 cities, seven villages, 21 townships and 38 counties from taxes collected for recreational marijuana.

It also showed the difference between counties that embraced the new law, and those that did not.

For instance, Washtenaw County, which has about half the population of Kent County, raked in over $616,000 in payouts, while Kent only took in a little over $28,000.

While Kent County has since added quite a few more recreational weed locations, they were slow out of the gate, with only one dispensary, hence the low payout. Washtenaw, meanwhile, had 22 locations selling, netting the big pay day.

In a year where the CoVId pandemic ate heavily into tax bases, a little extra spending money couldn't hurt.

I'm sure this list has some counties and communities rethinking their opt-out policy.

West Michigan counties and communities that did well in the first payouts included the Muskegon area, which took in a combined $280,000 between the city, county and township. Newaygo County took in $112,000, and while Kent and Ottawa each took in $28,000.

Early adapters to legal weed raked in some big bucks. In addition to Washtenaw County, which received the most in payouts, county seat Ann Arbor took in over $475,000, and while Kalamazoo County $336,000. Some smaller county winners were Bay County with $420,00 in payouts and Calhoun County, which took in $364,000.

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