If you find your stomach dropping when you pull up to the pump to swipe your card, you're not alone. West Michigan saw some of the biggest gas price increases in the country over the last week.

Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo saw some of the biggest gas price increases over the last week. Gas in Grand Rapids grew 44c/gal, Kalamazoo grew 42c/gal, according to GasBuddy.com

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When the prices on things at the store go up, sometimes we can plan to buy other items, but when it comes to gas price increases in West Michigan, we're stuck paying the price at the pump.

But, there are ways you can navigate the expensive prices when you fill up next. Here are some that will help you keep some of that hard earned cash in your wallet.

Join The Rewards Program

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Listen, I get it. I don't want to fill out a form for every single establishment I shop at. However, those gas rewards add up quickly. Not only can you save up to .03/gallon, but if you're going inside to buy drinks, a lot of the programs will give you discounts or freebies for the other items you're buying as well.

Get a Membership

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While having a Costco or Sam's Club membership can be handy when it comes to saving money for your home, it can also save you big money at the pump. If you're a member already - get gas at your favorite membership wholesale club to get those wholesale gas prices.

Check Your Tire Pressure

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It may seem odd, but low tire pressure can cause bad gas mileage. And while you may think that there's no reason to check, winter weather can naturally cause your tires to lose a little bit of air. So if you haven't checked recently to see if your tires are at full pressure, you may be throwing away money.

Check prices with GasBuddy.com


It seems obvious, but if you check their map before you head out, you may find yourself saving money by fueling up in a different part of town than you're used to.

Download the Get Upside App

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Along with Gas Buddy, this app can help you save big cash at the pump. They offer to send you money back when you swipe your card at participating stations, so why not take it if you can get it?

Consolidate Your Trips and/or Carpool

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Do you really need to run to Meijer for one item, or can you wait until tomorrow when you do your big run? While this may seem like small fries, all of those small trips out that can be avoided, will help your wallet more than normal these days.

So good luck out there navigating the insane gas prices we're seeing at the pump. While it's unsure if there's hope in sight for the prices dropping in the future, you're now prepared to make the most of it.

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