The next person who asks me "Hot enough for ya?" is getting punched. It has been a hot summer already--remember the upper 80's we had in March--and it's just getting hotter. This year, the heat hasn't bothered me as much. I don't know why either. Usually I don't like the extreme heat or cold. Until today, the heat hasn't been so bad. Today, however, it's freakin' HOT!

Here's how some of the heat is going on around West Michigan. WZZM TV 13 is watching an ice block, candy bars and jello on it's webcam. Watch it here:

The National Weather Service has a Heat Advisory issued until 9pm tonight, plus today and tomorrow are clean air action days. Don't top off the gas tank, or mow the lawn, and ride the Rapid FREE on action days!

And to top it off, I found Miss Piggy singing the standard "Tropical Heat Wave"...Think about today next January when it's 8...Enjoy!


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