A Hudsonville, Mich. couple met online, got engaged, and now the husband-to-be is donating a kidney to his betrothed.

FOX-17 reports that Natalie Russo and Mike Frias met on the popular dating site Match.com, and immediately felt a spark between them. They began dating, and a month later, Natalie got a phone call from her doctor.

Natalie's doctor informed her that her recent blood tests had come back toxic, and she would need to start dialysis immediately. She would also eventually need a new kidney.

The news devastated Natalie, but Mike was by her side through the whole ordeal. He eventually proposed to her in the hospital. Mike also went through the process of finding out if his kidney would be a match for Natalie. It was. Mike met five of the six markers he would need to be a perfect match for Natalie.

The transplant is scheduled to take place March 21, 2016.