Congrats to Darl Gilliland, Ashley Boelens, and the Parker family! These West Michigan natives are all going to be on TV game shows in the next week! Way to go! Gilliland joins a host of other West Michiganders who have been on the Price is Right since Drew Carey took over as host.

Darl spins the big wheel--maybe-- on Tuesday on Channel 3. Also, Ashely Boelens, formerly of Belding, spins another kind of Wheel. The Wheel of Fortune wheel. She spins and talks to Pat Sajek on Friday also on Channel 3.

And Grand Rapids' own Parker family spends some quality time with Steve Harvey and the Family Feud on the CW7 on Wednesday night!
Wheel of Fortune and Come on're the next contestant on The Famiiilllyyyy Feeeuudddd!