So here's a it pop or soda? As a lifelong Michigander, I was brought up calling it pop. We had pop in glass bottles. We drank pop at McDonalds. The place was called "Towne Club Pop Centers". Carbonated beverages are just called pop. Fast forward 30 plus years, when I moved to Kentucky. It's not really pop down there. It's coke...little "c". You get a coke, and then they ask what kind do you want. Pop is coke.

A website called "The Atlantic Cities" have a cool map, put together by a scientist at MIT. It shows where the terms "pop", "soda" and "coke" are used across the country. Here it is.

The whole story is here: "Map of the Day: Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke" It's pretty interesting how a simple term like pop or soda can be so defined by a region of the country.