The hot summer continues to march on, as West Michigan recorded its 14th day of temperatures above 90 degrees. But that's a long way from the record.

Can you remember the hottest summer in recent memory?

According to WOOD-TV meteorologist Bill Steffen, it was the summer of 1988, when West Michigan posted a whopping 37 days over the 90 degree mark. Thankfully that summer, I was living on the Lakeshore so I could jump into the Big Lake almost daily.

I had just moved back to Michigan from the West Coast and thought it weird when the temps hit 95 on Memorial Day weekend, something I rarely remember happening in my youth. (in fact, I remember camping in 50 degree weather  on Memorial Day weekend, 1978.)

2012 was the next hottest summer on record with 32 days above 90 degrees.

Temps will hover in the 80s for the next few days, so it doesn't look like we'll add to our total this week. There is some rain in the forecast today and later this week, but it's still pretty dry out there.

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