This past weekend gave you plenty of footage if you were to shoot a TV show called 'West Michigan Rescue'. 

We'll begin with a family out for a long boat ride up north when they encountered a dog swimming for its life, four miles off the coast of Lake Michigan.

Jeannie Wilcox told WOOD-TV 8 that they were about eight hours in to a 12 hour boat trip from Grand Haven to Frankfort when they encountered the canine.

“I see this red animal in the lake and I started screaming, ‘Dog in the water!'” Wilcox told reporters.

The dog appeared tired and was very happy to be brought on board the vessel.

“We brought her up on our swim platform really easily. We dried her off. She was obviously scared and cold,” Wilcox told WOOD.

Meanwhile, back in Grand Haven, Ruth Simon was watching TV Sunday evening when she heard some snapping branches in her backyard.

Running out to investigate, Simon heard someone yell 'Help!' and looked up to see a woman 75 feet up in a tree.

The unidentified woman had been blown off course while skydiving at the nearby Grand Haven Airpark, and landed in the pine.

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