HGTV's new show 'Home Town Takeover' is looking for small towns that need a little TLC. One West Michigan town has jumped up to say 'that would be us!'

The West Michigan town of Hesperia is putting together an audition video in hopes of making the cut for a new HGTV series called 'Home Town Takeover'.

In the show's trailer, the hosts Ben and Erin Napier mention that the problems of many small towns in America is 'people don't see the beauty and the magic anymore', even though it's right in front of them.

The show's idea is to make over an entire small town in America to revitalize it. The standards are pretty general, the town has to:

* Be smaller than 40,000 people

* Have homes and buildings with great architecture longing to be revealed


* A Main Street that needs a face lift.

One West Michigan town that fits those criteria and is submitting a video is Hesperia in Oceana and Newaygo County.

The sleepy little burg on the White River, snug up against the Manistee National Forest is fired up about hopefully getting a town makeover. It is unique and that the town intersects the Newaygo and Oceana County line, and it also has two Michigan highways that intersect at the center of town, M20 (east/west) and M120 (north/south).

According to the Oceana County Press, Anastacia Klimovitz at Zara Creative has offered to help produce a video to submit to the program. Spearheading the campaign are Sara Kraley and Lacy Stoneburner.

Kraley told the Oceana County Press:

“In addition to the renovation of historic homes and downtown storefronts, we hope HGTV will also consider improvements to the areas surrounding the river,” Kraley said. “Hesperia’s rich history and also its future is inexorably linked to the White River. Improvements made to our parks, the dam, the ‘swimming hole,’ the sports park, and the islands have the potential of putting Hesperia on the map as a premier tourist destination. A bustling tourism industry would encourage additional business opportunities and growth.”

Only six town will be selected for the series, and the deadline is Friday, February 7.

I kind of hope they win



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