People love their craft beer in West Michigan. That love extends even beyond the Great Lakes State.

The website recently asked 15 beer makers "What's the Most Underrated Midwest Brewery?". Two out of the 15 named breweries are located in West Michigan.

The website stated that we Midwesterners drink more beer than any other region of the United States. There is an all time high number of operating craft breweries at 9,118 in 2021.

What West Michigan Breweries Made the List of Underrated Breweries?

Out of the 15 total "Underrated Midwest Breweries", two of them are from West Michigan. Those two breweries representing not only West Michigan -- but the entire state -- are Cedar Springs Brewing Company and Greyline Brewing Company.

Cedar Springs Brewing

Cedar Springs Brewing Company
Photo: Google Maps

David Gonzalez, director of brewing operations of Lost Worlds Brewing in Cornelius, North Carolina said:

I’m always impressed with a place that makes classic styles, and one that does them well is Cedar Springs. The brewery’s take on the German experience is great: from the atmosphere, to the branding, to the food at its pub, to the beer itself — like the Küsterer Original Weißbier, which has won its fair share of medals, including a silver at last year’s GABF. Makes me thirsty just mentioning it.

Gonzalez went on to tell the story of how he and Cedar Springs Brewing owner David Ringler went to Siebel brewing school together. They ran into each other in Denver last year at the Great American Brew Fest. They talked about their mutual like for hefeweizens, and the very next day, Cedar Springs Brewing wins a medal for their hefeweizen.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company is located at 95 N. Main in Cedar Springs, MI.

Greyline Brewing Company

Greyline Brewing Company
Photo: Google Maps

The other West Michigan brewery to make the list was Greyline Brewing Company. Adam Mills, the head brewer at Cartridge Brewing in Maineville, Ohio, had this to say:

When I think of Midwest breweries, my brewing roots lead me to think about the amazing beer scene that Michigan has cultivated over the decades. Oftentimes, you think of the larger regional breweries when you start running down the list of places that are killing it. But I am taking this in a different direction, sort of. Greyline Brewing Company is a great spot on the north side of Grand Rapids that is led by Nate Walser, who helped to build so many of the cornerstone brands that Founders Brewing Company was built on. Now with his own project, he is doing what Nate does: making next-level malt-forward beers, top-shelf imperial stouts, and exceptional hop-forward beers.

Mills went on to add that even though Greyline doesn't distribute it's beer regionally, it has been noticed and that Greyline combines a tasty food menu and great service along with their beer. "It will always be my favorite stop in the Midwest.”

Greyline Brewing is located at 1727 Alpine Avenue in Grand Rapids, MI.

To see the rest of the list, visit the website. I'm printing out the list and making these breweries travel destinations on future travels around the Midwest!


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