It's another WFGR Retrovision video! The year was 1986, Mr. Mister was on top of the pop charts with the haunting "Kyrie", The New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series and keep the Beantowners down, and Dairy Queen was selling the farm!

And selling it cheap! Look what a $1.99 got you back in the day...I don't think you can get a glass of water for a 2 bucks anymore. This really looks good, and again..2 bucks! And bonus if you can identify the voice reading the commercial! Keep reaching for the stars!

You can almost taste the cool ice cream and warm juicy burger can't you? Enjoy!

By the way, it's Casey Kasem! Kind of ironic since he's a vegetarian. Zoinks Scoob!


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