The WFGR "Wee Difference: is our way of helping you find out about some great organizations that you may not normally hear about.  This month, we are featuring the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan as they prepare for their 3rd Annual Toasting Hope Event at the City Flats Hotel Ballroom on October 24th.

Sure, there will be plenty of wine and beer, but there will also be an opportunity to learn more about epilepsy and the different degrees that effect peoples lives from it.  Epilepsy effects individuals, families, employment, ability to drive.  You can meet others affected by epilepsy and do your part to help the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan continue their work.

We welcomed Gary Ball and Brian Vander Ark in to talk a little bit about the event coming up next Thursday and to kind of refresh our minds about epilepsy and how to learn to cope with on the video to learn more.

Our first interview with Gary Ball was back in May have a listen and stand by for new information about the Toasting Hope event.

To learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and to get tickets to the Toasting Hope event CLICK HERE.

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