We at WFGR mean it when we say we would like to make a difference in our community by taking the time to share with you some very worthy causes, that might not exactly be on the top of your mind in a world of great need, an over abundance of information coming from every direction and a careful eye given to where you would like to be a part a cause either financially or with your time.

Meet Jennifer and Keegan Bulk from Fremont.  When Keegan was 9 he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and had to fight his way thru some pretty tough chemo and radiation treatments.  One thing that always mad things "a little bit better" was a gift....his first was an X Box game... but, Keegan figured if a gift helped him through something hard, it would probably help other kids too.

The following is a description from Team Keegan:

Team Keegan’s focus is to help put smiles on cancer kid’s faces. During treatment cancer patients often get sick. Team Keegan will hold fundraisers, accept donations/gifts and other activities that will help us in achieving our goal of buying gifts so we can deliver them to the cancer kids. Thus putting a smile on their face. Team Keegan believes that laughter and happiness is a huge key in the fight against childhood cancer. Team Keegan will also maintain a website so the kids with cancer and their parents can sign up for a Prize Box in which we will create, fill, and mail to their homes (100% free to them). Cancer patients get a number of pokes and have different struggles throughout their cancer journey. The prize box that we will create will be filled with toys so that after each poke or struggle the child can pick out a toy as an incentive for being brave. Team Keegan will be held accountable for maintaining an outgoing personality with kind caring hearts on a professional level.

Visit Team Keegan's website HERE and visit Team Keegan's Facebook page HERE.