"These taste like my friend's mom smells." I'm not sure that's a favorable review or not. Let's find out!

Irish Citizens Were Asked To Try Out Several Kinds Of 'Crisps' From Better Made

Steve from Michigan is apparently a fan of a YouTube Channel which consists mainly of Irish people trying various American foods and drinks. Okay, mainly drinks. And mainly alcoholic drinks.

But they did take time out of their heavy drinking to give Better Made chips a whirl as they say.

And for a country that knows its potatoes, they were quite complimentary. The regular and barbeque flavors were exceptionally well received. It got weird later when the group tried the Sour Cream and Onion flavor and the Rainbow Burnt Chips.

The Chips 'Taste Like My Mom Smells', Is That A Compliment?

The above quote, "this tastes like my friend's mom smells", comes during the Sour Cream and Onion taste test at 4:45 in the video. So what does that mean? Are the chips good or bad because of the mom smell? Inconclusive. It's left at: "she has a bit of a sour cream and onion whiff to her." Okay. That's weird on a lot of levels, but he clarifies one point: "I never tasted my friend's mom." Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.

Salt And Vinegar Chips Win The Day

The Irish were most impressed with the Salt and Vinegar flavor, and they seemed surprised that Americans even had a Salt and Vinegar flavor as if it would be too bold for our delicate taste buds. One guy says "I've never heard an American say 'Oh my God, I love the taste of vinegar!"

Neither have I, and I've lived here my whole life. But it sets up a beautiful recall of the mom smell line from earlier.

About the Burnt chips, one woman said, "Oh, so these are the rejects." To which her mate says, "Oh these really are just burnt chips," while making a face. "Oh, so they're just selling us the f*** ups here!"

Yes! And can I tell you, Americans are puzzled by them too...


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