We all know most of the modern internet didn't exist 20 years ago the way it does now. AOL was just about everything most normal people knew about the Online world in the '90s.

So cool YouTube channel "SquirrelMonkeyCom" made a series of videos asking the question "What if Google, Twitter and Instagram had been created in the 1980's?" Here's the answers.


Up until the early 2000s or so, most of us had to deal with that scream every time we logged on. On top of that, when you finally did connect, the one phone line you had in your house was tied up. Plus, if when your mom or dad eventually picked up the receiver while you were on the net, they would be greeted with similar shrieks, which were then followed up with shrieks of their own, directed at you.


We almost wish Twitter worked and looked the way it does in the video below. If so, we might not have to hear about embarrassing tweets from uninformed celebrities as often as we do today (salty language warning for that last link).


No, that’s not a coaster. Floppy disks were the portable PC storage staple back in the 1980s. Enter Instagram on floppy disk.
Cloud storage? Instant sharing? Pfft, yeah right. At least back then, there was no chance of any iCloud hack-like embarrassments.

Grzegorz Oleksa/ThinkStock
Grzegorz Oleksa/ThinkStock